General Questions

What’s up with the affiliate notification at the top of the blog post?

I’m so glad you asked! I work with quite a few affiliate programs. This helps the side hustle and ensure great parties can keep coming your way.

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Where do you get your party ideas?

Great question! I pull inspiration from my favorite things and the people I’m celebrating with. For example, if your favorite thing in the world is ice cream (because yes! Ice cream!) – we’ll have an ice cream social.

Do you take requests?

Uh yes. Send me an email (kim@xolovekim.com) of a party idea – I’ll see what I can do!

Kim! We’d love to work with you. How can we do that?

Send me an email! I would love to work with you (I think!). Email me at kim@xolovekim.com.

More questions?

Send me an email!