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  • Sunday Musings 08042022

    Technically this is Sunday part 2. The end of a three day weekend is always sad. The minutes tick away and the freshness is fleeting – the dreaded four-day work week… where everyone tries to cram 7-days of work into a short span of time. This was the first three-day…

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  • Sunday Musings 08282022

    Happy Sunday Friends, How are you? How was your week? How is life? We’re quickly approaching the end of August and the end of summer. This summer flew by. A blink and we’re heading towards labor-day weekend, the official end of summer. This is a great opportunity to check-in with…

  • February 2022 Vol 1

  • Sunday Musings 082122

    Happy Sunday, Friends! Well, well, well… if it isn’t our old friend Sunday. Slowly crippling us with the realization that tomorrow, is in fact, Monday. For my astrologically aware friends – we’re also experiencing something with Gemini. I check my horoscope everyday, smudge the house, and still don’t know what’s…