One of my beautiful readers had asked:

My mother-in-law hosts beautiful dinners but doesn’t ask for help. I feel terrible not bringing a side or anything. What’s the best hostess gift to bring to a dinner party?

Helpless Dinner Guest

Dear Helpless Dinner Guest,

First of all, thank you for your question! I was raised in a traditional Midwestern house, where bringing a dish to pass (rolling deep with casseroles and lettuce-less salad) was the norm. It felt weird showing up empty-handed to my mother-in-laws house the first time. The guilt! But I quickly realized that you can (and should!) bring a thank you gift.

Making a large dinner can be a production. A bottle of wine, flowers, or even a box of chocolates are a great way to show appreciation. I also recommend following up with a thank you note. If it’s a small dinner (no celebration, holiday, etc.) a simple thank you text will suffice. If it’s for a celebration or holiday, I recommend taking the extra time to send a handwritten note.

A note and bottle of wine will be the perfect way to show appreciation! Hopefully this helps you turn from helpless to Thoughtful Dinner Guest.

xo love kim


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