Sunday Musings 03262023

Friends! I have to tell you that I did two very brave things this week. Both totally out of my comfort zone.

Part One: The Doctor Visit

I hate going to the doctor. Nothing is scarier than the dingy and outdated (tan) decor. The waiting, the awkward conversation, the blood draw… what will they find? Am I dying? I braved the doctor and my yearly check to discuss my anxiety. I am owning my mental health and going to start therapy.

My anxiety has been crippling and the last few weeks, months (years?) I’ve suffered. It was impacting everything… and I’m going to do something about it!

Part Two: Road Trip

The morning after my doctor visit, I left on a solo road trip. My cousin is pregnant and I agreed to come to New York (8 hour trip!) for her baby shower. This is something I would never but I’m trying to show up for people more.

Ever since I agreed, I counted down each day in dread. Matt, being the beautiful person he is, helped me book my hotel and made sure the car was safe.

The day finally came and I did it! It was fine, it was easy. It was long.

These two things scared me terribly. It was terrifying and exciting and I had time to be alone. I had time to think and reflect. I don’t know if I found any profound – but I did find that I’m brave. And I am so loved.

Do something brave.

Xo love kim


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