Sunday Musings 02262023

I’m sitting in our gym/guest room with our rescue cat, Nicole. She’s found comfort in the little cubby that holds our gym shoes. She’s shy but very affectionate.

From what I can tell, her life has been very sad. We’re being very patient and making sure she has everything she needs. Every little bump is something new to assess and explore. She’s already captured our hearts.

I was so anxious to get her – would she be happy? Would we be happy? Would Sid (our super senior) be okay?

So far so good but it’s only been a weekend. Nicole has a lot to process and we’re going slow. She is so loved and I know she’ll be okay. I know because she’s already a great addition to our family.

So that my friends is my Sunday. I hope your Sunday warms your heart!

Xo love kim


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