Sunday Musings 02192023

I drink wine. Now, I’m not telling you this to be shocking. In fact, this shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. This is especially true if you’ve been fortunate enough to talk to me when the second glass cuts through the line between my brain and mouth.

I bring this up because it hit me today. We were enjoying a class of red wine with dinner (Sunday sauce) and it hit me: I’m not the woman who drinks wine with dinner. I hit one of my childhood goals of being someone who eats delicious meals and drinks wine. I have dinner parties. I can serve a 5 course meal and select the perfect guest list with the right music.

My little self would be proud of me and excited to be living this life. This isn’t something I had ever considered. To be fair, my horoscope sparked the idea: you’re the person your younger self needed. That stayed with me and I realized that today I did an alright job for my younger self.

My friends, I hope you’re doing your younger self proud. I’m sure you are!! Be patient and be kind to yourselves and others.

Xo love kim


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