Sunday Musings 02122023

Happy Sunday!

We have blue skies and the sun is coming through every window! It’s warm enough to wear just a hoodie (for a quick and brisk walk to the car or into the store) and all of snow has melted. It feels like we’re on the full swing into spring. It feels like renewal.

I’ve been in a funk that tends to creep in each winter, specifically between Christmas and Valentines Day. Every year is creeps in and every year I’m surprised. At least I’m self-aware to know that I’m not self-aware. That counts, right?

But this weekend, magically, I’ve come back from creative death. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of all the crafts and DIYs and recipes and projects that I want to bring here, to you. An offering, if you will. A grand apology for giving up on myself. A nod to rest and restoration.

I’m also evaluating my last year + 4 months of my thirties. Making lists of all of the things I want to and need to accomplish. Celebrations and risks are going to be my focus. No more excuses. And let’s be honest, I need a thoughtful approach to everything- this and my 9-5 as well. There’s no more stuck. There’s just forward motion.

I do hope that you’re on the other end or the right side of whatever you needed to do to get you where you are. That was a very long way to say that I hope this post finds you well and that you’re rested, restored, and renewed.

Xo love kim


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