Sunday Musings 01292023

Well, hello!

January is almost over. This was the first January that moved fast – even though it still get like it dragged on. I still have New Year brain – where you feel dazed, confused, and shock that time still forges ahead.

Helping my focus or distracting me further this week:

The new Scream 6 trailer dropped and I am stoked for this installment. I’m a member of some fan forums and people have some wild theories and predictions about the new Ghostface! It should be a wild ride.

Galentine’s Day is right around the corner. Waffle soap is on my agenda this week.

My sweet tooth is out of control. S’mores bars will need to make an appearance. This will be great for the Super Bowl.

My friends – I certainly hope you have a great week ahead. We’re close to February and edging closer to spring.

Xo love kim


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