Sunday Musings 112822

Ope, it’s Monday. I took an extra day off this week and am completely turned around. Vacation does that though. You know, a prolonged period of time off of work always reminds me that I’m not cut out to work. I think independently wealthy is what I was actually born for.

Anyways – here we are… twenty minutes from bed and the harsh reminder that I have to work tomorrow. I’ve avoided my work calendar but I’m very confident that overall, I don’t want to.

Before we look forward, let’s look back. This holiday season came out swinging. I don’t think I actually sat down on Thanksgiving and I can also tell you that I didn’t eat nearly enough. One small plate and I was done. What a disappointment. Overall, it was quiet.

Black Friday was similarly quiet. The routine was off. It felt like we’re one or two shifts from the right realm. Like we’re in a bizarre world that is so close that most people can’t tell the difference. It’s that or that we’re so bound on recreating a core memory that we’re doing more harm than not.

It is now my goal not to feel sad for the past. It’s my job to honor it and create new memories. It’s hard when it feels like everyone is recreating something – chasing something… but I think it’s a symptom of sadness. A symptom of the human condition.

My friends – while we enter into the holiday season.. If you need help, or know someone in need, please call: 800-273-8255.

You matter.

Xo love kim


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