Sunday Musings 11132022

We got our first snow fall of the year! There’s something about that first snow fall – it always bring me a sign of hope. I may be the only person who loves snow, but that’s okay.

I also realized that I’m inconsistent with the title of these posts. That’s something I’ll work on, consistency. I will do something the same way everyday and randomly, forget how to do it. A brief interruption in the matrix. A moment where I remember I hate routine. I also hate chaos – so I’m not sure where that leaves me.

Here is a list of random things to get you through the week, fearless warriors:

The holidays are quickly approaching! Have you purchased your turkey? Make sure you download my budget planner! It will definitely help you get through the season.

Joy the Baker’s chai sugar cookies are the perfect addition to the cold weather.

Currently for book club we’re reading I Feed Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron. It’s a wonderful book about age and being a woman. It’s perfect for the cooler weather. Really any book is a good fit for cool weather. I just happen to love this one.

That’s what I’ve got on this cool Sunday afternoon. I hope the week ahead brings what you need.

Xo love kim


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