Holiday Planner & Budget Guide

Hi Friends!

The holidays are here! This is one of my favorite times of the year, but it can be overwhelming! I have a lot to track, and it seems like the lists grow every year. From determining who is getting a gift to cookie lists, there’s a lot of information to track and carefully plan.

Over the years, I’ve created different bullet journal templates that help me stay organized. Cookie lists to help me calculate how many ingredients I need, a tracker to ensure everyone receives a Christmas card. It sounds crazy but it helps me stay calm and organized during the holidays. This, in turn, helps me enjoy more of the special moments during the holiday season. And it helps me stay in budget!

Well my darling friends, I’m sharing the templates with you! A free download just for you!

The Content

Let’s walk thorough what’s inside!

The lovely cover!
The brain dump page!

For me, getting all of my thoughts out on paper, regardless of how random, helps me get my priorities in order. The brain dump is huge for organization!

General plans!

Use the calendar templates as needed to mark key dates.

Gift list

This is one of my favorite templates! I write everyone down and determine if I need to send them a gift, a card (maybe both?), if they have pets, and various ideas! It’s super helpful!


Stay on budget with gift giving! I like to set a general goal of how much to spend and dig for sales! Any money saved can be 1) added to savings or 2) used for a well deserved massage!

If you’re throwing a holiday party, this page is for you! Track who you sent an invitation to and who RSVPd!

Oh another favorite! I always make a ton of cookies! This list allows me to track the total amount of supplies I’ll need!

Use this page to brainstorm your menu!

This page will help you calculate how much food you’ll need! I hate food waste and try to ensure I don’t throw a ton of food away.

To use this, take the amount and multiply it by your total number of guests. That will give you the total amount of food you’ll need!!

Use this page to make your grocery list!

A doodle page because why not?

Friends! I do hope this planner will help you survive the holidays! Leave a comment below to let know what you think!

Happy planning!

Xo love kim


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