Sunday Musings 103022

Happy Sunday!

I’m writing you today from the couch, my home for the last few days. I’m sick and my husband has me on a strict rest and relaxation regime. Just me, medicine, the cat, and rom-coms this weekend.

I’m quite possibly the worst person at being sick. I get very needy and only want chicken nuggets. it’s usually by day 3 that I start pondering if this is what the rest of life will be like. I long for the days that I can breathe out of both nostrils.. I think back on a time that I could, but those days always seem so far behind me.

I also haven’t been sick in 4 years. I will, I’m sure, think of all the times I took being healthy for granted. All of this drama over a standard head cold. The cold medicine circling my head doesn’t help. The chills, the sweating.. it all creates some delusions I suppose.

Another short post on a Sunday. Take care of yourselves my friends. See you on the flip side.

Xo love kim


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