Cauldron Soap

Hello Spooky Friends!

Halloween is right around the corner! I’m currently in a: I want to eat all of the candy and I really want to make fun DIY presents for my friends and family.

One of my favorite DIYs is making soap so why not make it spooky! I’ve made spooky soap in the past, but I wanted to use jelly soap. It just felt spooky. If you aren’t familiar, jelly soap is like jello. It’s a fun and jiggly way to wash your hands.

All you’ll need for this DIY:

  • Jelly soap base
  • Cauldron containers
  • Soap scent (I used green apple)
  • Soap coloring (I used green)

Clean and dry your mini-cauldrons. (I had enough soap for 6 cauldrons.) In a microwave-safe container, melt the base. Once liquid, add color and scent. Quickly pour into the cauldron. It will solidify quickly so you’ll need to work fast. Allow to cool. Your soap will be jiggly and spooky!

Add creepy bugs if you want to spook it up further!

These DIYs will make great party favors or gifts!

Xo love kim


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