Sunday Musings 10022022

Happy Sunday my friends! I certainly hope you had a beautiful weekend. My weekend was busy but rewarding. I spent Friday hosting book club, Saturday we cleaned the house and I went to a Hocus Pocus outdoor viewing party, and Sunday has been spent lazily getting ready for the week ahead.

I’m not sure how the weekend is able to fly so quickly. I’m holding on to the last few moments. The week ahead is going to be busy. I feel like half of the year I was a ghost. Floating through time or maybe time was lost. Let’s just say I made goals at the beginning of the year and have just woken up to the fact that I am very behind.

I think that’s the beauty of fall. Especially October. That’s when the ghosts come out to play. As it were.

Well my friends – I’m out of musings. I certainly hope you have a fantastic week ahead!

Xo love kim


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