Sunday Musings 091122

This post did not publish on the appropriate day and attempts to republish have also failed. Technology issues – I’m so sorry.

Happy Sunday! We’re in the thick of September- seriously how did it already get to mid-September? Days go fast, weeks go by slowly, and months speed by. 

Here are some things to preoccupy your time this week:

I’m currently listening to a random jazz playlist and there is something so beautiful and pure. Listen to John Coltrane and drink some bourbon for a perfect evening. 

I’m reading The House Across the Lake and let me tell you – it’s spectacular! Also – the link is to this great website – it helps support local bookstores! 

I think I mentioned this before – but I do highly recommend binging: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and Tuca and Bertie. Scary horror and hilarious animation, respectively.

That’s all I have friends. Stay strong against the mystical clock of life.

Xo love kim


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