Sunday Musings 08042022

Technically this is Sunday part 2. The end of a three day weekend is always sad. The minutes tick away and the freshness is fleeting – the dreaded four-day work week… where everyone tries to cram 7-days of work into a short span of time.

This was the first three-day weekend that I haven’t worked (at work). It was refreshing. Maybe I am one of the many quietly quitting. I hate that so much. It’s a way to guilt trip people into doing what is required. Unfortunately the expectation is to do more. Be better. Smile because you need this more than they need you. Rant over. It’s just frustrating to see the focus on bottom line and not on people. Tale as old as capitalism.

No sense in getting riled up so late in the weekend – all I know is that I have to believe. Have faith. In what, you may ask? Myself. You. The universe. And probably get a little motivated. The laziness of this weekend has absolutely been incredible and required.

With that being said, I’m going to sink back into the couch and enjoy my last few hours of a long weekend. I hope you’re all resting and embracing the last few hours of a long weekend and of summer!

Xo love kim


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