Sunday Musings 082122

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Well, well, well… if it isn’t our old friend Sunday. Slowly crippling us with the realization that tomorrow, is in fact, Monday.

For my astrologically aware friends – we’re also experiencing something with Gemini. I check my horoscope everyday, smudge the house, and still don’t know what’s happening. I think we’re all just trying to find a way to explain the chaos and draw parallels and paranoia.

This, like everything, comes to our innate need for hope. Without hope, there doesn’t seem like much else.

Hope is such a strange concept. We hope for everything and anything, while also taking actions that may help or hurt hope. We don’t leave everything up to hope.

This reminds me of a long standing debate/conversation that I’ve had with anyone who doesn’t fancy themselves a romantic dreamer. The debate about destiny and fate. I’ve been in a long term relationship with fate, we know each other well.

Here’s the argument – you can’t stay in bed all day and have fate intervene. Bring you the hopes and desires of your hard. Well, yes. Of course. I’m not an idiot. Fate is simply a way to explain things in the past. Things that would, otherwise, lead one to become hopeless. Didn’t get the job? Oh wasn’t meant to be. Missed the bus? For the best – could have been harassed by someone.

These little, everyday things that you can usually ignore…. But once in a great while, fate or destiny or the universe will remind you. Gentle reminders. These same cynics will call these little blips as coincidences. Sure, maybe. But a lifetime of coincidences doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

I don’t have the answers and I can easily convince myself to be all in one way or the other. I love reading and relating to the general characteristics given in horoscopes or about my sign. It feels like you’re a bigger part of the universe. You’re seen. Which, with hope, is all anyone really wants.

Maybe I’m totally wrong. That’s very possible. Maybe my idea of what the general public needs to survive is a crock. I’m just here for full speculation. It passes the time.

Hold on to hope, my friends. Everything will happen as it is supposed to.

Xo love kim


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