Sunday Musings 080722

Happy Tuesday, Friends. This Sunday’s musings have had a slight delay as I needed take some much-needed time to recover from the weekend. Your mind may have gone to some wild places, but sadly no. Here’s a very brief recap of this wild weekend.

Book Club

A simple book club ended in a shoeless car ride across town. On Friday, I hosted my monthly book club meeting. I had one guest show up early and the vibe was off. Have you ever been in one of those moments where everything shifts? And things just don’t feel right. That was the start of what would be a very interesting book club meeting. I’m not going to share the state of my Early Guest at this time, because I don’t want to speculate. I’ll just say off.

Everyone was seated, and we were eating and discussing the book. We read The Club which honestly felt like an omen in and of itself. My Early Guest excused themselves to make a phone call and came back inside and cleared plates. Red flag: we had only been at the table for half an hour, and that’s rude. Obviously something to add to the etiquette list.

The entire evening, I or another guest would try to wrangle the Early Guest back into the house. The conversation was sporadic and without a better word to use, I’ll say Manic. Laughing to crying to calm. After a few moments of this, we return to continue discussing the book. Towards the end of the evening, Early Guest had to be driven home. There was a lot of speculation on the whereabouts of the Early Guest’s ride. Being told “on the way” and “out of town” interchangeably for the last few hours of the evening. In order to ensure Early Guest made it safely home, myself and another guest drove. To convince Early Guest – who kept losing their shoes, everyone left the party barefoot.

There are a lot of details I’ve left out and a lot of feelings I’m still processing – but it was exhausting.

Past Life Hoax

The next morning, I had a whole day planned to spend with my bestie for her birthday. We started with breakfast and moved on to I thought it’d be fun to get “spiritual” readings. I, my friend, and her daughter were all scheduled for hour-long readings. These readings were to tap into our past lives with messages from the past. I was excited but also exhausted (and on edge) from the night before.

From what I’ve gathered, I have Native Americans and Jesus looking after to me. The generic phrases and cultural appropriation left me disappointed. Although, perhaps losing my legs in multiple wars in previous lives leaves someone exhausted. Seriously – that was from my reading. The Native Americans came in a cleaned up the blood and helped me heal? And Mother Mary stopped by to check in and Jesus held my inner child.

This was a hoax and all of our lives were the same. Not to mention the blurring of multiple religious beliefs felt like cultural appropriation.


This doesn’t seem like a lot but it was a lot. It was a collection of weird energy that left me feeling icky. I know, I have a way with words. She didn’t say I was an author in my previous lives.

I think I was just disappointed because I wanted hope. Something to look forward to and distract me from the craziness.

Also, I don’t like being put in situations where I feel forced to hurt someone’s feelings and I definitely don’t like being lied to.

I’m going to continue to smudge and meditate and relax. Y’all – have a great Tuesday. I’m sorry I can’t be here for you more.

Xo love kim


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