Book Review: The Club

The Club is a story about a highly exclusive chain of hotels around the world.


The Club is told from the point of view of multiple different characters. You slowly start to unravel their relationship to each other and to The Club. We learn more about the extravagant owner, Ned, and his even more extravagant guests.

There’s mystery and murder – you have to wait until the very end to see how it’s all connected.


This book had a painfully slow start. I didn’t even want to read it – but with a few days until our book club meeting, I needed to finish! The second half of the book got a lot better. We started learning more about each character and why they may have a motive for murder.

Overall, the book was good. Definitely not my favorite but I was surprised at the ending! That always carries a lot of weight for me.

Book Club

This book received mixed reviews. Everyone basically said: slow start. Liked the ending.

If you want to read this at your book club – here are some discussion points:

  • How did the book make you feel?
  • Were you surprised?
  • Did Ned do the right thing?
  • What do you think Jesse did at the end?

Enjoy my friends!

Xo love kim


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