Sunday Musings 073122

Hi Friends – Happy Sunday!

This weekend was my 20 year high school reunion – it’s wild how fast time goes. I didn’t go to the reunion. For a moment, I felt a tinge of regret but that quickly passed. There were photos online but I don’t really remember anyone from high school. I don’t have a lot of memories from that time. I was a homebody (still am) and didn’t engage in after school activities. Sometimes I regret that too.

Anyways, we must learn from the past, thank it for where we’ve gotten to, and prepare for what’s to come. The past provides us with guidance and a road map.

I don’t know what high school Kim would have thought about me today. Proud, disappointed, annoyed? It doesn’t really matter – time moves forward. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It’s the small things that matter in between the dishes and meetings that make marks on the map.

We’re heading into a busy week and an even busier month. Here’s some little things to get you through the week.

1. If the week gets too hard and you drink too many White Claws… (been there) – remember the next morning might result in a Claw hangover. The tummy rot is real. But worth it. Why am I bringing this up? I thought I needed to see a physician for stomach ulcers or something worse. Nah – it was just the Claws. TMI saves lives.

2. Have you watched The Bear? I never worked in a restaurant but my goodness, what a great show. Jeremy Allen White is hot. That always helps.

3. These Key Lime Pie Bars were easy to make and absolutely delicious.

My friends – that’s all I have for you this evening.

Go into this week fiercely and furiously.

Xo love kim


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