Sunday Musings 072422

Hello Friends and Happy Sunday!

This weekend flew by and we are quickly ticking closer to another Monday. I have a strange relationship with Mondays… I secretly kind of like them. There’s a freshness and hope for a productive week. It’s also a secret love-hate relationship with routine.

There are times I miss the commute and being the first one in an empty office. Watching people showily trickle in for their own rituals. Everyone has the tiny hope that today will be different, better.

There’s also a piece of my heart that will always go out to those who think and want to make change. I think of my old colleagues who would write magnum opus in the form of a termination letter. Trying to site examples of change needed and provide guidance on how to improve to prevent future employees from leaving. While this is the very definition of self-importance, I still appreciate their passion for improvement.

It’s different in the virtual world. Lonely for some, exhausting for others. I’ve worked from home for 5 years, and for a majority of that time I have enjoyed it. There was something more invigorating about vacuuming and cleaning in between calls. Something naughty about sneaking off to Target for a quick shopping trip and receiving text messages from significant others who were off at the office.

That life feels like a lifetime ago. With everyone virtual, the dynamic has changed and people are no longer off at the water cooler retelling stories about their weekend adventures. Everyone is now in on my little secret and have found ways to ensure that the little magic in vacuuming is no longer possible. They (still to be determined on who they are) have poked holes to ensure maximum productivity. No one has the ability to decompress in their commute, instead calls compete and time slowly ticks. The end of everyday is a blur and pajamas from the night before are still on.

I don’t have the answers and I’m not really sure how I thought this was the perfect Sunday topic. It’s not a far stretch as we tick into Sunday afternoon. It’s almost 2 pm here and before I know it – we’ll be ready for bed. This soul-crushing realization is the death of creativity and a source of dread for many.

What’s the point? The point is, as it always is, to fall in love with the small moments. Find joy in little things. Make a list of hope that will make our fleeting weekends more memorable.

Here are a few things to pass the time:

Black Bird on Apple TV is really good! There’s only a few episodes available but it’s 10/10. It helps that Taron Egerton is hot.

Get your weekly horoscopes from The Hood Witch to prepare for the week ahead.

For daily horoscopes, your chart, and honestly a beautiful aesthetic- check out Co-Star I really enjoy this app and the daily mood is provides.

Joy the Baker has this beautiful scone recipe that I’m here for.

Halloween is less that 100 days away (hell yes!) and it’s never too early to figure our costume. Speaking of Halloween – I honestly consider turning this blog into a 365 – dedication to fall and all things spooky. It’s my life force. But alas – we’re far too into it now. Right?

That’s all my loves. I do hope you have a great week!

Xo love kim


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