Sunday Musings 070422

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday! Boy, three-day weekends get me off track. Another missed Sunday – but that’s okay. We had a fairly lazy weekend filled with cocktails and food. We didn’t go out – but stayed at home, just the two of us. It was nice and quiet.

We did support our local baseball team on Friday, who put on a great fireworks display. As far as fireworks are concerned. In general, I don’t care for fireworks. I think they’re loud and disrupt the natural world. I’ll spare you the lecture.

Here’s what on the docket for this week:

– I need to get my life organized. Time to refresh myself of bullet journaling .

– We just started For All Mankind (like literally episode 1 on right now) and it feels on brand for July 4th. It’s okay.

-I’m dreading this work week. Like legitimately everyday. Hopefully this helps me get over the Sunday scaries.

I want to read this later. Grief is hard and I can only imagine the toll is takes on your gut health.

I’m obsessed with dirt cups.

Alright my friends – stay wild.

Xo love kim


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