Sunday Musings 062622

Hello Friends,

What a week/weekend. Yeah, I ended that with a period because it was a statement. I don’t know that there’s question left. I believe it is a fundamental human right to govern one’s body and to be honest, I’m scared.

A lot of wild things have happened since 2020, let’s be honest, since 2001. Things I never expected or saw coming. Systematic destruction of natural resources and wars booming left and right. This is not new – this has happened. This is a retelling of old tropes. Regardless – it’s still scary.

I’m trying to collect my thoughts and focus my energy- but I’m having a hard time. Here’s a list of things to distract or educate or waste time:

This is a great article to bring perspective on Roe and remind us of what we need to do.

Bake cookies – a favorite of mine.

Need to know the moon phase for when you cast spells to end the patriarchy? Or if you’re like me – you blame the moon cycle for people’s behavior. Regardless – this site will tell you the moon’s cycle by date.

It’s flipping hot outside and this ice box cake is on my list of things to make.

July 4 is coming up (which feels weird for some reason). Make my Mom’s bean dip for your celebration. It’s sure to be a hit!

Friends – I sure hope that your week goes well.

Xo love kim


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