Sunday Musings 061222

Hi Friends!

Well this is a late post but I haven’t gone to sleep yet – so technically it’s still Sunday. It’s been a very busy weekend in the best way. Here are some highlights:

  • Jenni’s ice cream is my favorite thing
  • I got my first Lego set (followed quickly by my second set)
  • I’ve been crafting up a storm in preparation for my birthday party!

The most exciting part about this Sunday: it’s the day before we leave on our honeymoon/a much needed vacation.

Anytime I mention that we’re going on our honeymoon – people smile awkwardly or giggle. It’s funny because there are two socially acceptable times to indirectly elude to s-e-x, a honeymoon and a baby.

Anyways, I’m sorry to put that image in your head. But I am stoked to be getting a much needed break. It’s been a long time overdue and I cannot wait to relax.

When we get home – we have our my birthday party on Saturday! I cannot wait to share all of this magic with you!

Xo love kim


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