On Job Hunting

Hello Friends!

Some of you may not know this, but I’ve worked for the same company for the last 13 years. I’ve held different roles, but have not swayed from my dedication.

Interestingly (or not?) staying at the same company for more than 5 years was not my original plan. I was naive like most fresh graduates and knew that I wouldn’t bend to corporate America but it would bend to me. I was going to make meaningful change and pave the way for women… yada yada yada.

I graduated in 2008 – during the Great Recession with $40 k of student loan debt and over $10k in credit card debt. Not to get too personal but I was also in the midst of leaving an abusive ex and moving back home.

I was desperately seeking jobs and found that I was too qualified or not qualified. But then I found my current employer. Within 6 months I was promoted to a leadership role (making $14 an hour no less) and climbing my way to the top. I’ll spare you the intimate details of my career.

So Why Now?

I literally woke up one morning I told Matt I wanted to find a new job. I’ve been miserable, stuck, and honestly annoyed. I knew the only way to feel better was to make a change. Guess what? I have the power to do so.

After getting comfortable and growing quickly – I found myself in a holding pattern. Always asking what I could do to improve and continue growing but never finding the right time or right place to make any moves. Obviously there’s more to the story – right? And I try to be transparent with you guys.. painfully so – but honestly I’m still working through the “more”. Like really examining myself in this unhappiness.

I’ve said this before – but you can’t blame other people for your lot. You have to take responsibility… trust me, there’s always something different. You need to continue learning and growing.

Job Searching

I’ve had 2 interviews in the last 13 years. I didn’t even want those jobs – it was more like when the young and attractive bag boy flirts with you just a little bit. Like you’ve still got it. You don’t want it but it boasts you up a little.

Now actual job searching… I assume that it’s like being married for 25 years – divorcing – and trying to get out a date. The world has changed. There’s Tinder. In the job world – it’s LinkedIn – I think? And probably more.

There’s also a lot of predatory people trying to get you to go back to school or open a franchise. You also have to compete with:

  • 245 people who are also applying – hopefully they don’t know anyone at the company
  • The resume/recruiting software that will spit your resume out before anyone even sees it
  • Everyone wanting a Master’s Degree?

I didn’t have an updated resume and realized I also need cover letters for literally everything. It’s a full-time job and I’m not even sure what I want to do. I think the desperation has moved and im just living on a prayer.

So far – I have applied for quite a few and been rejected from 4. My odds are still trending in the positive numbers.

What I’ve Learned

First of all – do I think what I’ve learned is groundbreaking and going to help you? No probably not – but maybe.

Of course, I knew that I would no longer require a paper resume that would be mailed out in the fancy resume paper and resume paper envelope – but it was everything else. For the first three months of this excursion, I had to do research. Here’s what I found out:

  • Don’t use images on resumes (like your photo) but also do?
  • LinkedIn – just use it. Figure it out and use it.
  • The amount of companies not adopting the remote work structure is insane

I also wonder if companies are concerned with my late-night applications. Do they even care? Will I find a new job? Am I too chicken shit to make a change? Should I just accidentally fall at Walmart and sue?

These are the questions keeping me up at night.

I’ll let you know when I find the answers.

Xo love kim



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