Sunday Musings 052922

Well shoot. It’s no longer Sunday and I fear that being delayed on Sunday Musings is becoming a habit. I was going to blame the three-day weekend or yard work or work – but it’s on me, friends.

We are closely approaching June – can you believe it? The temperature is heating up and we spent our weekend doing a yard work! Lots of it.

This is Memorial Day weekend though, and a critical time to reflect on those we’ve lost and those who serve. Mostly the latter. But as our Nation grieves the tragedies of school shootings and grocery store shootings and Covid and everything we’ve been through – it’s important we take a moment to reflect. Take private moments to breathe and grieve.

Today, I lost my Aunt. She was fine and a few days ago she wasn’t. There’s a lot of speculation on the cause. I don’t know if speculation helps or not. It doesn’t change the outcome. It made me think about the weight of sadness that has to be carried alone. Other people are living their lives (in my case, doing yard work), and you’re alone with something that destroyed your life as you knew it. That makes it almost more lonely. More sad. I don’t know if I’m adequately explaining it – but hopefully you know what I mean.

What I’m saying – be kind. Kind to yourselves and everyone that you encounter. It’s the least we can do.

Xo love kim


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