Sunday Musings 052222

My friends – it’s Tuesday. Well, actually it’s officially Wednesday. I’m very sorry to be this delayed. I’m even more sorry that every time I’ve thought about what to write, what to muse… my mind draws a blank. What I can offer you is the following… musings at 12:40 am Wednesday morning.

There’s tiny tragedies and larger tragedies everyday. Everywhere. I would think about that often as a child. That somewhere, in this moment, someone is experiencing extreme joy or sadness or pain or happiness. This, somehow, always made me feel more connected. More a part of the human condition.

I do wonder – in the times of great sadness – about faith. We don’t need to get into the details. I will say that my a sense of faith makes me feel more lonely, more responsible. What I mean is that I can’t give my feelings away and I can wish or pray things away. I’m powerless. It’s a burden that I alone must bare. Does that make sense? An overwhelming shame for becoming numb. The overwhelming sadness of man’s cruelty. The suffering.

When I start to feel like this, when the weight of the world start bumming me out – I start sending gifts and cards to friends and family. I also start donating more to animal shelters and other causes I care about. It helps.

What I’m trying to say is that sharing some kindness – however that may look for you – is 100% a requirement in this world. We need it. You need it. I’ll find some resources and share them soon.

Anyways, for now… I do hope you’re having a beautiful week and showing yourself a little kindness.



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