Sunday Musings 050822

Well happy Sunday friends and a very happy Mother’s Day! This weekend came and went at breakneck speed, as most weekends do.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’d like to share a few unknown facts about my mom or life lessons that I learned from here. These are important.

  • Avoid talking about religion/politics. Mostly with family, but probably a good idea with strangers too.
  • Don’t spend too much energy lighting someone else’s candle who won’t return the favor.
  • Coca Cola fixed most things.
  • So does a bag of chips and some dip.
  • You get 5 minutes a day to feel sorry for yourself. The world doesn’t give a shit about you or your feelings.
  • Baking is therapy.
  • If someone is a jerk to you just smile. Smile sweetly while telling the to f-off in your head.
  • Guys make good friends.
  • Change your underwear daily.
  • Take care of yourself.

That was just a sprinkle. My mom has been through a lot and she’s a tough lady.

Anyways friends, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have an even better week ahead!

Xo love kim


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