Sunday Musings 050122

Happy May 1, friends. I’m not sure how we got here so quickly but from where I am – I don’t see any sign of slowing down.

Here are some things on my mind for this week:

This weekend went by fast and I kept having nightmares about work. I’m sure there’s something there. Here are some thoughts on the subject.

It’s Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend. If you need some last minute ideas on how to show your mama some love, look no further than here.

There’s a lunar eclipse on Matt’s birthday. I need to do some more research but I think it’s a good thing.

Joy the Baker had a recent post about a summer bucket lists – and I am here for it. I usually make a holiday bucket list. Usually, I make the list and immediately forget. Like the process of making a list is the point. Not actually doing it. Anyways, I’m signing up for a summer one.

We’re starting a new workout this week. Weight lifting + our 3x a week bike rides. I’ll keep you updated. And wish me luck.

I’m not sure if you noticed – but I updated my brand color palette. I’m going for a cozy + spooky vibe. My eternal question – did I achieve it? We are half way to Halloween. Spooky season is my life.

Finally, the May newsletter will be coming out soon. Working on finessing the format. Subscribe here.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Xo love kim


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