Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Please tell me I’m not the only one still living in March? How can it be May already? And – Mother’s Day is exactly one week away. How did that happen?

If you’re still in March or if you’ve been severely too busy – here are some last minute Mother’s Day gifts that will show your love and save you time.

Same-Day Delivery

My mom lives in Florida and I live in Michigan. We obviously can’t celebrate Mother’s Day in person, so I’ve started having special groceries delivered.

Both Walmart and Target offer grocery delivery, and this is a huge benefit to do something nice! Here’s the basics:

  • Find the store close to the intended address
  • Select items available for delivery. I will select dinner or breakfast items, flowers, dessert, and wine.
  • Schedule your date and time.
  • Make sure to tip your driver!

I’ve done this a few times for my parents – and they always appreciate it. There’s usually a delivery minimum, but it’s easy to reach when you plan an entire meal.

My mom is a tough cookie and rarely cries. The first delivery got her and she even shared a photo of the delivery on Facebook.

Edible Arrangements

This will fall a little bit more high on the pricey chart – but totally worth it. Sure – flowers are great, but fresh fruit? 100% yes. Add some chocolate covered anything – sign me up. Check out what they have here.


Remember all of the arts and crafts you’d bring home from school? Your mom would 100% gush over that macaroni art – she probably still has it.

Now you can use real scissors and hot glue – elevate Mother’s Day with a DIY! From etched wine glasses to soap, a quick DIY will create a keepsake that your mom is guaranteed to love. Check out some DIY inspiration here.

Regardless of what you decide – I truly hope you have a special Mother’s Day!

Xo love kim


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