Sunday Musing 032722

My sincerest apology for the delay in posting, friends. Sunday was fragile, I felt fragile.

I drafted notes for this post around 1 a.m. in a VRBO with uncomfortable beds Sunday morning. We drove home from Michigan wine country. The exhaustion set in hard.

We went to Traverse City with a few friends. Three sets of couples in total set out to do a wedding menu tasting and drink wine from various wineries. I grew up watching movies with the same plot line. Real life is always a little bit more messy, a little bit more raw, and always less funny. That goes without saying I suppose.

Friendship is wild. I consider the people I was with some of my closest friends while simultaneously being strangers. Does that make sense? They don’t know my previous versions, my deepest fears, my hopes for the future. I don’t know their’s. It’s always surface conversation – never the topics that get raw – where you see glimpses into what makes a person hold on. Maybe that’s okay?

I still have my note filled with topics. It’s long and captures everything from insecurity to the pandemic. But I’m still introspective. I wonder if that’s because I’m in between versions. Knowing my friends don’t know the depth about me because I can’t answer it for myself. Maybe they do know?

We have a busy week ahead friends and I have a lot of posts coming your way. The first quarter of the year is ending and April is right around the corner. I’ll take the rest of the day to shake my introspection and celebrate the little things.

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Xo love kim


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