Sunday Musings 041022

Another Sunday is here my friends. This particular Sunday is emblematic of the perfect spring day. The sun warming our souls and the crisp air reminding us to take a few moments and breathe.

We’ve done a lot around the house this weekend, the most noteworthy being the purchase of our papasan! Total comfort and brings the best vibes.

Here’s what’s on my mind this week:

Easter is around the corner. Inside out carrot cake cookies may be the perfect addition to your celebration. Get the recipe here.

I’ve been enthralled by the idea of vertical cakes. Why haven’t I made one? Why didn’t I think of this? I’m obsessed. You bake a cake on a small sheet pan – frost and roll! It’s like the Christmas Noel cake! Check it out here.

Matt’s birthday is coming up (in almost a month) and I think I’ve finally settled on a party theme. We’re doing a beer themed party! I got inspiration from Mad in Crafts.

My birthday is also coming up and I’m planning to return to Hogwarts! I have so many ideas – it’s overwhelming. I can’t wait! More to come of course!

I’ve been hyper focused on manifestation lately. I’m sure I’ve shared this before (or I did the classic delete because I’m sharing my feelings and feelings are gross) but I’ve been feeling rather stuck. Instead of letting the negative energy get to me – I’m trying to manifest and focus on growth and my goals. I’ve even made a vision board. Read more about manifestations here.

My mom send me a package that included the recent copy of Taste of Home! It included inspiration for a Kentucky Derby party and I am so in. The recipes look incredible. Check it out here.

I’m a huge fan of Joy the Baker and cannot wait to make these Muffuletta deviled eggs.

I am being cautiously optimistic that this will be the start of something wonderful! I’m ready for a change and ready to make moves. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Xo love kim


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