Book Review: Three Women

During my research to find books for book club, I came across Three Women. This book came highly recommended and it’s no surprise why.


Three Women follows three women through their relationships. The fascinating thing about this book is that it’s based on real women. The author interviewed women for this book and selected three stories. All but one are told anonymously. It follows a young girl who had an affair with a teacher, a woman who is having an affair with her high school sweetheart, and a woman whose husband watches her sleep with other people.


This book was intense. It was filled with raw emotion and allowed you a glimpse into how other people live. I really enjoyed this book, but it is raw. There were parts that made me uncomfortable, blush, but I couldn’t put it down.

Book Club

We had a great discussion about this book. Everyone agreed that the young girl’s story was devastating, the affair was heart breaking, and the husband-watching was interesting. This book definitely made people more comfortable to talk about their stories.

  • How do you define desire?
  • Why do you think sex/desire is taboo for women?
  • Did it change how you see other women?

This was a great selection and I highly recommend it. You’ll definitely have a great discussion from this book.

Happy reading!

xo love kim


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