Book Review: The Last Days of Jack Sparks

I selected this book to celebrate Halloween. I am a huge fan of horror and Matt had read this and highly suggested it. In full transparency, I’m the only member of book club to read this but I can share the discussion items Matt and I had. It was incredible.


Jack Sparks is an author who becomes a part of his stories. In this story, he goes to an exorcist. He’s a non-believer and sets out to prove that it’s all fake.


This book was absolutely terrifying and I couldn’t put it down. But I also had to, because I got too scared. First and foremost, this is one of the few books that I think should be turned into a movie. It was amazing and I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Book Club

As I mentioned, no one was interested in reading this for book club. Matt and I definitely talked about it and continue to do so. It’s one of those books that just needs to be talked about. A few talking points:

  • Did you see the ending coming?
  • Were there things that you picked up on?
  • Do you think the Mimi was more of a psychological discussion on Jack?

It’s hard to find questions that won’t give anything away. Please, read this book and drop a comment. I would love to talk about it.

Happy reading!

xo love kim


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