Book Review: The Guest List

This book came highly recommended on multiple forums.


An over-the-top destination wedding to an island with its own grim past. An eclectic guest list. Murder. This book had it all. Each chapter it told from a different character’s perspective and the author does a great job capturing the different voices. Each character has a history that unfolds and you’re left with a who-done-it mystery.


This book was a slow start, but heated up. I could not put this book down and wanted to know more. Every character was interesting and each chapter gave a great glimpse into their history. I really enjoyed this book. The author was able to clearly paint a picture of the island. I’d give this book a solid 7 out of 10.

Book Club

Everyone was surprised at the ending and no one saw the twist. For questions, I’m going to recommend you visit this website.

Happy reading!

xo love kim


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