Book Review: Mirrorland


Two twin sisters have a deep childhood connection. As they have grown up, they drifted a part and away from their trauma. One sister is missing and the other must return to their childhood home to solve the mystery.


This book was an unexpected gem. It danced between the past and present. The past was fantastical and the present was a mystery. Both past and present were filled with something ominous. You don’t know what’s real or fake until the end.

Book Club

Everyone was a huge fan of this book and surprised by the twists and turns. Here are some discussion points:

  • The clues force Cat to go back to the past, what are your thoughts on mirrorland?
  • What did you think about the different rooms?
  • Did you see the dynamic between the sisters being sinister?
  • Were there any clues that made you suspect the ending?
  • Who did you think sent the clues?

This book will definitely lend to a great discussion.


xo love kim


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