Book Review: Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale has been the only “classic” that we’ve read. We landed on this novel after we discovered that none of us had read it.


In a post-apocalyptical world, women who are able to have babies become handmaids to the wealthy. This patriarchal society is riddled with rules and religion is the only law. It’s a terrifying glimpse into a reality that some desire.


This book terrified me. Every page felt like a reality not too far off. It’s a book that everyone should read and something that we need to remind ourselves of. It was incredibly well written and sad and terrifying. There were uncomfortable truths and scenes of violence and rape. As a woman, it made my skin crawl.

Book Club

Everyone liked this book but it terrified us. Here are some discussion points:

  • Who is responsible for maintaining Gilead, men or women?
  • What’s dated about this book? What seems relevant in today’s society?

There are a lot more questions and discussion points on this book. Be prepared with a lot of wine and chocolate.

Happy reading!

xo love kim


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