Sunday Musings 032022

Another Sunday, sweeping in the warmth and shine of spring. The light is dancing through the windows and casting shadows along the way.

This particular Sunday has come on the heels of a celebration! Yesterday I traveled to Detroit to celebrate my beautiful friend, Mallory, getting married. A small group of new and old friends preparing to send off a friend into the next chapter.

Me and Mallory – Sequence Goddesses

We had dinner, went to Drag Queen Bingo (if you have a chance to go I highly recommend it!), followed by games and dancing at our hotel room. It was low key (even though we stayed up to 5 am!) but reminded me of the importance of womanhood and female friendship. There’s something refreshing and fulfilling to share stories, dating horrors, and perspectives. Even though we’ve all taken different journeys – we’re united.

The crew at Bingo!

The other thing that “girl time” (I think I’m too old to call it that) provides is gratitude. Not only am I grateful for friends but it makes me appreciate my husband more.

Here’s what I mean: you know the old trope about the wife always having to ask her husband to do something? The “I said I’d get to it – you don’t have to remind me every 6 months” thing? Or the tired wife getting blamed for not being sexy because she’s responsible for the house, kids, husband, and works full time? I don’t have that. I have a true partnership, where we work together towards a common goal.

I’m not saying that’s it’s always perfect. I’m definitely not saying that there’s always a synergy that allows us to move peacefully throughout our lives and marriage. What I am saying or what I believe to be true – is that we show up, we push each other, and we believe in each other.

This may come as a shocker, but I’m not the perfect wife. Just the opposite. I don’t always communicate, I have a hard time burdening Matt by asking for help… this by the way is a totally made up concern. I’m not a burden by asking for help. He’s made that perfectly clear because he’s straight forward, says what he means (something I could improve on), and wants the best for everyone he cares about. If one person succeeds we all succeed – and the best way to do so is by working together.

I’m learning and growing everyday. There are definitely times I’d love to eat junk food and sit around doing nothing. Those days are necessary – but that’s not our long term picture. I’m not the same person I was a month ago, and definitely not the same as I was a year ago. Of course I’d grow on my own – but it wouldn’t be as complete or expanding.

Today, the signs of spring are all around. (Yes I do know it’s the first official day of spring too). A sign of growth and change and a hint of excitement linger in the air. I hope that today you can steal a moment away to find your gratitude. Let the longer length of daylight brighten your spirits as we look forward to the future.

My friends – the future is bright and I am here for it.

Xoxo love kim


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