Sunday Musing 031322

Daylight Savings is the absolute worse. It’s antiquated. I hate it. Twice a year – our schedules get readjusted. We know it’s coming, but it still feels forceful and disruptive.

The whole day… few days following the time change are disorienting. The exhausting dance until you forget or get readjusted or get distracted. What I’m trying to say is that I’m there. I’m in the confused “what day is it? What time is it? Why is it so bright” point of our time-change journey. By Wednesday I hope to be firmly in the adjusted phase. I’m hopeful because this week already feels like it won’t allow for nonsense. Time waits for no one.

So what’s on the docket this week:

  • I’m selling my car before anything else breaks on it.
  • St. Patrick’s Day we’ll be having Reuben’s. Matt had been pickling brisket. We used the recipe from NYT Cooking.
  • I’m on a new thing (maybe recycled?) where I want perfume that smells like hot cocoa or strawberry milk. I think I’d also like a fruit punch scented perfume.
  • I am in charge of snacks (self appointed) for a bachelorette party. This feels worth mentioning and I’m very excited about snacks.
  • Starting to brainstorm menus for the Derby and The Masters, as well as other summer parties.

There’s a lot of items on this list that remind me that I am very lucky. I hope you all have great weeks!

Xo love kim


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