How to Have a Difficult Conversation

Be brave and don’t wait. The more you wait the more your imagination will blow things out of proportion. Typically 98% of the time what you’ve made up is way worse.


Picking the right time is critical. You want the other persons full attention and you’ll want to be comfortable.


It sounds still, but make yourself notes. Notes will help you out your thoughts in order and capture everything that’s on your mind.

Start the Conversation

Say your peace. You’ve got to get down to business. You can absolutely start the conversation by saying that this is difficult – the key is to be honest.

What happens if it doesn’t go well? Regardless of the outcome, you should be proud of yourself. You did it! If you’re honest and true to yourself – that’s all that matters. You cannot control other people’s reactions.

Good luck – you’ve got this!

Xo love Kim


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