DIY Painted Plates

You may or may not know this about me – but I love (I mean love) holiday dining sets. It’s a small attention to detail that connects the whole table-scape and more!

Here’s the issue – holiday themed dinner plates can get very (VERY) expensive. I love them but don’t necessarily want to spend hundreds of dollars on temporary plates.

So – how do we solve this? We make our own! And it’s really easy! keep reading to find out how to make your very own custom holiday dishes.

What You Need

  • Glass paint*
  • Dollar Store plates and glasses
  • Printed images

*Here’s a link to the Glass Paint


You’ll want to tape the images on the inside of the cup or plate. Basically – you don’t want the paint to come into contact with your food. Based on this, you may want to mirror the image.

Paint your image. You’ll need to let the paint cure – make sure to follow the instructions on your paint.

This is a really fun project that will definitely add some fun into our holiday table. I’m already thinking about custom painted plates for cookies at Christmas!

In the meantime – here’s some more Halloween inspired plates!

Happy crafting!

Xo love Kim


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