Hocus Pocus Soap

Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic and a must-watch each year. In preparation our viewing party (and to get extra spooky) I made a Sanderson sister inspired soap.

Before we get started – you can find melt and pour DIY instructions here.


  • Opaque and clear melt and pour soap
  • Soap scent (I chose pumpkin)
  • Soap dye (purple, orange, yellow)
  • Square mold
  • Template
Hand drawn template


Melt a small quantity of the opaque soap and divide into three bowls. Add the different colors (orange, yellow, and purple) into each bowl. Mix in the scent at this stage as well.

Using the silicone mold, pour a thin line of the colored soap into a compartment. You’ll need to pour each individual color into individual molds. allow to harden until firm but mailable.

Use the template to cut the shape out of the soap.

Melt the clear soap and add your fragrance. Pour a little into an empty mold and gently place your Sanderson sister shapes into the soap. Fully cover with clear soap and allow to harden.

This is a super fun project for the whole family to get into spooky season!

Xo love Kim


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