Beaver Island

Search #PureMichigan on any social platform, and it will come quickly apparent that Michigan is a beautiful state. Filled with nature and surrounded by blue water – Michigan has a little something for everyone. Including islands.

Beaver Island is a small, remote island in the middle of Lake Michigan. With a small population (approximately 600 people during the busy season), it is like traveling back in time. Things move slowly, people work hard, and an honest smile will get your far.

Getting There

There are two ways to get to Beaver Island: plane or boat. We took the plane both ways, as it was only 15 minutes. The boat takes about 2 hours and from what I hear, can be rather choppy. It was a really cool experience – if you’re interested in flying – I recommend Fresh Aviation.

A very tiny plane!
Landing selfie!

Where to Stay

Hello glamping! Not familiar? Glamping is glamourous camping – and Beaver Island has the spot for it. The Beaver Island Retreat is incredible. If you stay at the Retreat, be prepared to sleep in amazing safari tents on a memory foam mattresses. There are a ton of amenities – all worth checking out.

The shared bar!
Safari tents!
A welcome basket!
Shared kitchen!

What to do on the Island?

When I mentioned “stepping back in time” I wasn’t exaggerating. The beaches are beautiful, there is a ton of hiking, and really nice museums to check out. Overall – we just relaxed and drove around the island. Plan on going to relax and escape the busy.

Taking the scenic trail to the beach!
Nice, sandy beaches!


I definitely recommend a trip to Beaver Island. I’ve never been anywhere like it and we had a great time. There are so many great places in Michigan to visit.

Happy Travels!

Xo Love Kim


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