Home for the Holidays

Hello friends! Sorry for the long gap – I’m having major technical issues. In fact – I’m writing this post on my phone. So sorry for the non-traditional approach and lack of umph in this post.

Can anyone else believe that Christmas is less than 3 days away? I still feel like I’m in a forever cycle of March.

It’s been a strange year and unfortunately Christmas is going to be non-traditional for most of us. If you’re like me, you’ve been death-spiraling in nostalgia, overly emotional, and yearning for the faux-memories of Christmas past.

Don’t fret – I have compiled a completely random list of suggestions to prevent further spiraling and promote a happy and healthy holiday season! These are things that I’ve done while spending the holidays alone.

If you are going to see family and friends this year, please protect yourself and others. I know it sucks and it’s getting old – but social distance, wear a mask, and be safe! It’s hard, but trust me: it’s harder when you can’t say goodbye.

1) FaceTime and call everyone

This is 100% the time of year where it’s acceptable to call and FaceTime.

2) New hobby – who did?

Christmas feels like the longest day of the year – start something new! Painting, drawing, miniatures- the list is endless!

3) Eat your feelings

I know – terrible advice on literally every other day of the year – but Christmas is the exception. Bake, cook, splurge!

4) Binge

Find a new guilty pleasure on Netflix!

5) Shake it off

Honestly – T. Swift was right. Shaking it off and dancing = mood lifter.

From the bottom of my heart – I hope everyone has the best holiday season and stays safe! This year has been crazy and I appreciate the love and support!

Xo love Kim


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