Halloween in 2020

Attention: Halloween is NOT canceled. The scares have been coming from all angles in 2002, but Halloween is not canceled.

Halloween will look different this year, and that’s okay. We can adapt and adjust. It’s more important that we stay safe and follow our local government ordinances.

Here are some different alternatives to trick-or-treating that can help you celebrate one of the best holidays of the year.

Trick or Treating Alternatives


Many cities are opting for a trunk-or-treat solution instead of house-to-house. Normally, I would disagree, but I think this year it makes sense.

Check with your community, but don’t just put candy in your trunk. Make sure you decorate and have fun with the experience. Check out some decorating ideas here.

Pumpkin Egg Hunt

This is exactly what it sounds like: an Easter egg hunt for Halloween. Come up with a fun backstory about the Great Pumpkin King leaving eggs throughout the yard. It’s definitely a safe alternative and something really great of your younger kids.

Scavenger Hunt

Throw a scavenger hunt for your kids throughout your house. There’s a ton of great ideas online. Check out this guide for inspiration.

DIY Haunted House

For your older kids, create your own haunted house. This may take a little extra effort, but this would be a fun way to spook up scares. Check the Spruce for more information.

Dinner & a Movie

You can definitely keep it simple and have a family dinner and movie night. There are a ton of amazing family-friendly movies available on streaming and you can create a “creepy” dinner using black pasta.

I know that it’s hard – but you can always make the holidays special, especially when you’re with the ones you love.

Happy Halloween!

xo love kim


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