Election Party

Once every four years, we have the opportunity to change the course of our country and vote in a new leader who will grow us a society. Regardless of your political views, this is an opportunity that our forefathers (and mothers!) believed was bestowed to us as members of a free democracy. Let’s celebrate this historical milestone with an election party.

2020 Rules

2020 has been a doozy of a year so far, so this party will need to look a little different. I know – such a bummer. But this is a great opportunity to send election care packages to loved ones and zoom together.

Keep reading for more inspiration, but if you’re going to mail supplies to your loved ones – add some tissue. This will help with possible tears that may be shed.


This is an all-American event that typically happens later in the evening. Here are some menu ideas:

Really embrace the all-American theme and our culture.


DIYing is always a great way to take a break from your normal day-to-day and get the kids involved. Decorate with your Fourth of July décor and create a fun banner. You can easily print the donkey and elephant images and have your kids draw them.

If you have a Cricut, you can make a custom political shirt to share your swag. I took it a step further and made a beer koozie.

You can also create “I Voted” ribbons out of construction paper – this will help ease the sadness of not receiving a sticker if you vote by mail.


Here are a few suggestions to keep your kids (or yourself) engaged during the long election night.

You can download the coloring sheets here.

Make sure you’re registered to vote here.

Happy voting!

xo love kim


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