Engagement: Quarantine Edition

A few weeks ago, I had planned to write a post about the stages of engagement: from excited, to overwhelmed, to booking your elopement in Vegas. Emotions that every bride-to-be goes through, but now the focus has shifted. We’re an in a global pandemic in mandatory lock-down.

When we first announced our engagement, it was like winning the lottery. People came out of the woodwork trying to get an invitation.

Immediately, we were flooded with a million questions:

  • When’s the date?
  • What are your plans?
  • Here’s a proposed guest list?
  • You’re not inviting Uncle Tony?
  • You’re not inviting your second cousin’s first wife?

Everyone wanting a piece of the wedding – “let me make your invitations”, “you shouldn’t wear that color”, “here’s some up-dos I found.”

Sure, people mean well. But it was rather obvious that our wedding was quickly becoming a way for others to fulfill their own Pinterest wedding dreams.

Not to mention – there’s a million contradictory articles out there that will tell you what to do, who to invite, when to… why to… But no one tells you how to just breathe. Instead, you’re reading through articles and filtering phone calls to avoid the topic altogether. Shouldn’t I be more excited? Oh – I am excited, but I can’t catch a moment to experience the joy.

And then a global pandemic hit.

Likely, I’m not the only one feeling this way, but it does feel like hell is freezing over before I get married. We have fires, earthquakes, locusts, and a global pandemic.

All joking aside, this is new territory.

  • Clothing stores are closed (no wedding dress)
  • I can’t get wedding insurance because no one offers cancellation policies anymore (which, let’s be honest, is the main reason you get wedding insurance)
  • I have no idea if I’ll be able to even have the number of guests I’d like (no parties more than 5?)

My Advice to the Quarantine Bride?

Future Date

Keep planning. I am not a fortune teller and have no idea what is going to happen. But I do know that the world doesn’t really stop. Sure – it’s slowed down, but things are still moving.

I keep planning for our December wedding. Of course – you need multiple options, but we’ll figure it out as we go. Don’t forget – the wedding is one day. It’s not the marriage – which is why you’re doing this in the first place.

Spring/Summer Date

Start thinking about alternatives and have a plan b. You may need to live stream – but that’s okay. It may not be what you planned – but no one planned this.

I know that sounds kind of dark, but it’s true. At this time, you have to think of the safety of your guests. Make sure that they are comfortable and healthy. If you’re able to have a wedding (woo!), create space and rearrange the seating. Honestly – no one wants to sit that close anyways.

Be safe and stay healthy.

More to come.

xo love kim


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