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Woah – this week has been a crazy year. Millions of people (I don’t know if that’s an exact stat) are moving to a work from home model, which for some is uncharted territory. For me? I’ve been working from home for over 2 years and I love it.

I understand why some people may not like it – but here are some helpful tips to get you through your transition.

Set Up a Home Office

Having a designated place to work is really important. Working on the couch is nice for a little bit – but I would recommend moving away from it and here’s why:

  • Your body will be mad. Serious lounge position for 8 hours is not body friendly
  • It’s hard to separate work from relaxation – this is super important! You absolutely need to decompress.

Even if you live in a studio or tiny apartment – find a table and make it your designated space. There are a ton of helpful guides online to setting up a space that will work in your space.


Definitely get into a routine, but this does’t require your business clothing. Just make sure that you follow your normal hygiene and eating schedule. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should be gross.

Invest in Sweatpants

You’re going to read tips online that suggest you continue to do your makeup and get dressed like you’re going to work. No, don’t do that. Invest in sweatpants. Seriously. It’s already weird, why not embrace full comfort? Since working from home, I’ve purchased countless sweatpants… They’re my life now.

Yes – I love getting dressed up for the occasional office trip or when company comes over or when my sweatpants are all in the laundry… But it’s like a treat now.

More Tips

Here’s some more tips:

  • Take breaks
  • You can do your laundry while you’re working (this increases your Netflix time!)
  • Order fun office supplies (fun pens anyone?)
  • Cook for yourself

You’ll be surprised how much more you get done and how nice it is! Have more suggestions? Drop a comment below.

Xo love kim


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  1. Renee Avatar

    That designated workspace is a real thing. I went back to the office the other day to pick up a monitor so I wasn’t 100% on my laptop (v difficult for graphic design), and having a monitor forces me to get my bum off the couch. Which is helpful, considering my first day working from home I dozed off like four times… (don’t tell 😉 ). While sitting at my Ikea table with my thrift store no-padding desk chair isn’t as comfy as the couch, I’ve been a LOT more productive..

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