DIY Halloween Decor

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I love Halloween and all of the spooky decorations that come along with it. Matt gets full credit for coming up with this spooky delight. We have a scary-simple DIY to amp up your outdoor decor.

Here’s what you need:


Attach the wood piece to the fog machine with the Velcro. This is an incredibly important step because fog machines get really hot and you want to make sure there is air flow. We used a round-cut piece of pegboard for maximum air flow.

Put the fog machine into the flower pot. You can cut a whole for the outlet, but we decided against it. It’ll be dark – so you won’t be able to see the chord.

Now – place the green rope light on top of the wood and add the bones on top. That’s it! We’re ready to spook the neighborhood with this!

Here’s a picture with the lights on!

Happy Haunting!

xo love kim


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