July 4th Party Favors

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Independence Day is tomorrow! We’ve been so busy with work that this holiday feels like we should have another month to plan. To prepare for our small guest list tomorrow, I wanted to make sure we had a great party favor to celebrate the important holiday!

To me – nothing says summer (or July 4) like bomb pops. They’re iconic and delicious, a symbol of this country and the hot summer months. So – why not convert this iconic dessert into soap? You know my love of soap, but if you need a refresher – click here.


This is a very easy and fast last minute craft that will make you a host/hostess hero.

Here’s what you need:

  • Melt and pour soap: clear and white (I used olive oil and goat’s milk)
  • Scent (Fruity!)
  • Red and blue soap diy
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Popsicle molds

How easy is that?


You will want to use about a quarter of the white soap block and half of the clear. Honestly – it’s so easy from here:

  • Chop soap
  • Microwave (30 second intervals)
  • Add one color at a time and allow to set fully before adding in the next color (I stuck mine in the freezer)
  • Once the first color has set – put the stick in, and layer the white soap.

For more instructions on melt and pour soap – check this tutorial.

This entire project took me maybe 40 minutes. Make sure you wrap them in plastic wrap… They smell and look delicious.

Happy 4th July!

xo love kim


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